Creating a Page in WordPress


In this post we will be explaining the steps for creating a page in WordPress and publishing it.

Step 1 : Login to WordPress Dashboard

Go to WordPress admin area (Dashboard). Go to Pages -> All Pages.

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Step 2:Creating page

This will show you the default page, which is already present ‘Sample Page’. Click on ‘Add New’.

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Step 3 : Customize Page

You need to enter the ‘Title’ of page. That will be also the menu or tab shown on menu bar.
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Step 4 : Writing the content

There are two way you could write the contents in page

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  • Visual: You can choose the text formatting options like font, font size, bold etc.
  • Text: The formatting’s will be added using HTML tags. You need to have some HTML knowledge to use this option.

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Once you write content, you could view how the behavior of code will be shown by clicking the ‘Visual’ tab.

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Step 5 : Publish the page

Click on the ‘Publish’ button once you write the contents on page.

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You can now see the published page is appearing on ‘All Pages’
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You can also get 4 options when you mouse-over the page you created.

  • Edit: Will allow you to edit the page
  • Quick Edit: Same as above, however entire page will not appear, instead a small window appear to edit.
  • Trash: Will delete the page.
  • View: You could view the entire page.

Step 6 : View the page

Go to your website, now you could see the page on home page.
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