How to register Domain Name in Control Panel


In our previous post we had discussed about What is a Domain Name? and How to Register a Domain Name through a Registrar?. In this post we will be discussing about registering a Domain Name in Control Panel.

Register Domain Name in Control Panel:

In most of the hosting companies, they allow us to add the registered domains to the hosting account while creating the account. If there is no registered domains, they will ask us whether we wish to register a domain name. We can either register the domain name during signing up for an hosting account or we can skip it and register it later after the signing up for the hosting account.

We will explaining the steps to register a domain name in Control Panel after signing up for the hosting account. Control Panel is hosting account dashboard, where you can access various hosting services. Many hosting companies like BizLand, PowWeb, iPage etc are providing Control Panel to manage hosting account.

Step 1:

Login to the hosting account using the username and password provided during the process of hosting account sign up. A control panel would be displayed after logging in.

Step 2:

Click on the Domain Central Wizard icon in the Domain section of the Control Panel.


The DomainCentral page will be displayed.

Step 3:

In the DomainCentral page, there will be 3 tabs namely – Search my domains, Register new and Add existing.

Click on the tab ‘Register new’ and enter the name of the domain in the text field below the tab. Click on the ‘Register’ button in front of the text field.


A page showing the results for the searched domain will be displayed.

Step 4:

In the Results page, we can select any number of domains and domain extensions to add to our shopping cart.

Note: Having Add Domain Privacy checked when you click any Add or Add to Cart buttons will include Domain Privacy with your purchase order. Leave unchecked if you would prefer not to purchase domain privacy. Domains which do not qualify for Domain Privacy will not have domain privacy added even if the box is checked.

Click on the ‘Checkout’ button at the bottom of the page.


The ‘Choose your terms’ page will be displayed.

Step 5:

In the Choose your terms page, select the number of years to purchase and click on Continue button in it.


Step 6:

Verify your information on the next screen and click on Continue button in it.

Step 7:

Select your billing method using the on-screen options. Click on CHECKOUT button to place the order. You will be charged immediately and the domain will appear inside of Domain Central usually within minutes of being purchased, however, your domain may require up to 48 hours to fully register onto your account.