Introduction to WordPress for Beginners


Introduction to WordPress

In simple words, WordPress is a free website development tool, which is popularly used by most of the bloggers. It can be used without knowledge of any programming language.

Technically, It is a open source website management tool. It is developed using PHP as Server side script, MySQL for data storage and HTML for front end along with CSS and JavaScript.

What I can do with WordPress

With availability of 3000+ themes and 39000+ plugins, virtually you can take the site to a new level. I have listed few things, which can be done using WordPress :

  • Blog

WordPress is the ideal tool you can use to build your own blog.

  • Business Website

WordPress can help you to design a professional website for your business.

  • Online Store

You can convert the WordPress site into shopping site by using WooCommerce plugins.

  • Video Sharing Site

Have you got videos which you want to share or interested in starting online tutorials? You could use WordPress to re-design your website as Video Sharing Site.

  • Online Booking System

Are a well-known lawyer or doctor? Have you got your own Drama theater? In this case, WordPress can be used to create a online booking system to support your business.

There are lot of more things like creating a forum or building a real estate dealing website and so on. Ultimately, You can create any kind of website to support your business or passion or both.

What are the Benefits of using WordPress

  • Cost Effective

As I have already mentioned, WordPress is open-source and you can download it for free from Official WordPress website.

  • Simple and Easy to use

It is very easy to install WordPress and make your website live. You can install WordPress with in 5 minutes. Learn more about installing WordPress.

  • Themes and plugins

There are lot of themes and plugins available for WordPress, which can help you to change the look and feel of your website.

  • Multilingual

WordPress supports more than 70 languages. You can easily attract local customers by using their preferred language.

  • Large community

WordPress is having a vast support community with large number of volunteers. Also, there are many tutorials and blogs about WordPress.

What are the Disadvantages

  • Risk of getting hacked:

If you are using using outdated WordPress version or if your plugins or themes are outdated, there is a risk of getting hacked. Also, installing themes and plugins from third party website may result in hacking of the website. Learn how to Protect your WordPress website from Possible Hacks.

  • Requires PHP knowledge

Some of the theme customization’s might require php knowledge.

  • Need basic HTML and CSS knowledge

To change the look and feel of the website, you might require some CSS and HTML language.


We can conclude that WordPress is a simple and easy to use website development tool. Which can be used by anyone to create their own blog or website.